selected articles

The Cost of Favoritism in Public Procurement (with Bruno Baranek). Accepted in Journal of Law and Economics.

Political donations, public procurement and government efficiency  (with Benny Geys and Kristof De Witte). World Development, 148 (2021).

[full article (open access)] [working paper]

Political Donations and the Allocation of Public Procurement Contracts (with Benny Geys). European Economic Review, 111 (2019), p. 443-458. [full article][working paper] [voxcolumn] [online appendix] [dataset]

other publications

Identifying Politically Connected Firms: A Machine Learning Approach (with Deni Mazrekaj and Fritz Schiltz). Accepted in Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

Discretion and Political Favoritism: Evidence from Two Reforms in Public Procurement (with Marly Celis Galvez and Fredo Schotanus). Accepted in Southern Economic Journal.

How Politics Influence Public Good Provision (with Kristof De Witte). Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 81 (2022).

working papers

06/2023 (with Kris De Jaegher and Michal Soltes) Renegotiation in Public Procurement. Submitted.

05/2023 (with Bruno Baranek and Leon Musolff) Detection of Collusive Networks in E-procurement. Submitted.

03/2023 (with Tijmen Tuinsma, Kristof De Witte, Petr Jansky, and Miroslav Palansky) The Effect of Private Country-by-Country Reporting on Tax Avoidance: a Regression Discontinuity Approach. Submitted.

03/2023 (with Ruben Nicolas and Fredo Schotanus). European funds and green public procurement. R&R in Ecological Economics.

02/2023 The One and Only: Single Bidding in Public Procurement. USE WP.

work in progress

03/2023 (with Adriano De Leverano and Leonardo Giuffrida). When Transparency Backfires: Entry Coordination in Electronic Auctions.

03/2023 with Marly Celis, Fredo Schotanus, and Michal Soltes) Public Procurer’s Competence.

10/2020 (with Bruno Baranek, Stefano Baratuche, and Jeffrey Sun) European Regional Policy and Public Procurement in Spain.

10/2020 (with Bruno Baranek and Leon Musolff) Data Transparency, Public Oversight and Collusion in E-procurement. Mimeo.

policy reports

Titl, V., De Witte, K., Holz, O. and Smet, M. (2018). Funding Formulas in Compulsory Education: Report on Secondary Education.

Titl, V., De Witte, K., Holz, O., Smet, M. and van Assche, R. (2017). Funding Formulas in Compulsory Education: Report on Primary Education.

Titl, V., De Witte, K., Holz, O., Smet, M. and van Assche, R. (2017). Funding Formulas in Compulsory Education: Report on Special Needs Education.

1/2015 Analysis of Czech Political Party Donations (with Jiri Skuhrovec and Miroslav Palansky), Centre for Applied Economics at the Charles University in Prague mimeo, Available at:


Titl, V. (2020). The role of political connections and institutions in public procurement: evidence from Czech administrative data. KU Leuven Doctoral Thesis.

Financing Quality Education for All: The Funding Methods of Compulsory and Special Needs Education (with Kristof De Witte, Mike Smet and Oliver Holz). Universitaire Pers Leuven 2019. ISBN 9789462701915.

book chapters

Baranek, B. V. Titl. (2021). Political connections in public procurement. In Ed.
Bandiera, O., Bosio, E. and G. Spagnolo, Procurement in Focus: Rules, Discretion,
and Emergencies (pp. 43-52). CEPR PRESS.

The Analysis of Political Campaign Donations [in Czech] (with Skuhrovec J. and  M. Palanský) In Financování politického života. Editors: Šimíček J. p. 155-174. Muni Press, Brno, Czech Republic 2015, ISBN 9788021079946.