I am a PhD student in the field of public and political economics of procurement markets at the University of Leuven, Belgium. Here is my CV.

In Spring 2020, I will be visiting at Princeton University.


Kristof De Witte – kristof.dewitte@kuleuven.be

Benny Geys – benny.geys@bi.no

Francesco Decarolis – francesco.decarolis@unibocconi.it

My thesis

My doctoral thesis is on Political Connections and Their Impacts on Public Good Provision.

The first chapter of my thesis titled “Political donations and the allocation of public procurement contracts” (with Benny Geys) has been published in European Economic Review.

The second chapter titled “Political donations, public procurement and government efficiency” (with Kristof De Witte and Benny Geys) is available as CESifo WP nr. 7591.

The third chapter is titled “The Cost of Favoritism in Public Procurement” (with Bruno Baranek). We have been awarded the 2nd prize for the Young Czech Economist of the Year in 2019. It had been earlier circulated as “Political Connections and Competition on the Public Procurement Market” and ranked as the 3rd best paper at the EPCS Meeting 2018.

The last chapter and my job market paper is on the effects and drivers of single bidding in public procurement.

You can find my other projects in the Publication and Policy work sections.