Policy work

Policy Advisor to Mikulas Peksa

Advisory about anti-corruption policies, mostly related to Budgetary Control Commitee of the European Parliament

Economic Policy Advisor to Mikulas Ferjencik

Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Analyst/Developer for PoliticeFinance.cz

A website and a dozen of reports, briefings and press releases on political party funding and its impact on (mis)allocation of public funds.

    • Covered by major Czech media and showcased in an online course by Stanford University as well as the Sunlight Foundation.
    • Following our recommendations, the act on political parties has been revised in 2016.

Reports on compulsory education funding for the German-speaking community of Belgium  

3 reports accompanied with policy recommendations on how to fund compulsory education.

7 presentations to the steering committees and a forthcoming presentation of the recommendations to the Parliament.

Online Public Budgets

A project “Rozklikavaci rozpocet” was a proposal of a country-wide system of publication of public institutions’ budgets.

    • A part the strategy of the National Economic Council.